FAQ page for  Concrete Foundation Estimator

What is the app designed for?

Concrete foundation estimator (CFE) is designed and built to simplify life of contractors and give them an ability to create professional estimates for the foundation work within minutes right from your phone. Now contractors, owner-builders and anyone who is building a house or addition can easily calculate their cost instantly just adding necessary values from engineering plans.

It has settings sections, where you can store your cost of materials you use, cost of labor, standard shear walls values, common piers values etc., so you can focus on real cost of the foundation without worries about over and under estimation. App comes with pre-set up settings, which you can adjust at your own level of price, time and use of materials.

It calculates concrete demolition for slabs and footings, excavation cost and volume, reinforcement for most common rebar sizes, cost and amount of re-bar for slabs, piers, footings and stem walls up to 8′ tall, concrete volume; labor for piers, reinforcement assembly and concrete pouring, cost of concrete pumping, adjustable workman’s comp rate, concrete waste %, overhead value, custom fields to add to estimate and many more.

It is really unique application, which you can now use for all your projects, share data over email, create professional estimates right on a jobsite and export to PDF or Excel, with proper settings send it to you client immediately.

Homeowners can understand real cost of the foundation, compare quotes of subcontractors and have ability  to control costs.

App has built-in Tutorials with illustrated explanation for each section and tips for how to enter values correctly. This app has been build in Excel few years ago and we’ve been using it since then on many projects successfully.

Is there any support if I have trouble understanding how to use it?

There is a built-in tutorials for every section of the app. Please read it before and during use of the app. We will provide answers on all your questions here, on FAQ’s page in timely manner.

Updates will be available for free for paid app only and we will take into consideration all of your questions for each fresh update.

I’m not a contractor and don’t have much experience, is this app for me?

Of course, this app designed for inexperienced users as well as for professionals. If you don’t know how to calculate labor or materials, but want to master your way in it – this app is for you.

In a future you will be able to upload your plans on our server and have professionals calculate volumes for you for a small fee.

Are you planning to add automatic updates for material cost?

Yes, we are planning to add optional function for users to subscribe to automatic materials price updates and add more material options to choose from. That will be available only for paid application with the subscription fee.

What is the difference between free and paid application?

Free app will only allow to save 1 project in a portfolio vs. unlimited projects in paid app

Free app doesn’t have an option to export estimate to PDF or Excel or share estimate over email

Free app also doesn’t let users change values and materials cost in settings

Is there a End User License Agreement?

Our iOS app is used with an accordance to standard Apple licensed application end user agreement

I’m changing material cost but it does not change in my estimate

If you changing material cost in settings and not getting total price changed in results  it might be only 1 of 2 things:
1. For some items like excavation, dirt hauling, and dumping fees there are secondary fields in settings in a same line to show minimum cost for this line item. You can read about it in tutorials by clicking “?” icon in settings in corresponding line.
So, if, for example  excavation cost  is set at $75/y3, but your minimum is $1500, in results you will see $1500 (the minimum cost to come to the job and excavate). And total cost will start increasing after the total excavation cost will hit $1500 threshold.
You got 11 yards of concrete estimated and price in settings is set at $75/y3, your minimum cost is set at $1500, then total in results will be only $825, which is less than $1500 minimum, so the results in estimate will be $1500.
If your excavation will hit let’s say 22 yards, then your total will be $1650, which is over your $1500 minimum, so in results you will see $1650.
2. You have set up excavation as “manual”, but changing cost in setting s for field “machinery” or vice verse. So, please make sure you changing cost for the correct line item.
For all costs in settings, that do not require minimum it should calculate results as you go, instantly.

App keeps freezing. When I work with the crawl space option, I found if I don’t enter all the information and go to the next page it crashes.

We tested it with 3 devices: iPhone 5, Ipad and iPod, all iOS version 8.2
Created a new estimate, set following data for foundation excavation and then all other data variations including not filling different boxes with numbers:
1. Excavation type: Machinery
2. Crawlspace area: 500 sq.ft
3. Mudsill thickness: 1-1/2 in
4. Crawlspace height: 18 in
5. Stem wall height above ground (ext.fnd.): 12 in
Footing depth below undisturbed soil: 12
No crashes or freezing if trying to go onto next screen. T
If we have some or any of those fields empty and trying to go on a next screen – no crashes or freezing. Not sure what other steps was done before, we were using fresh new estimate.
In order to calculate volumes correctly, all fields in this section “New Foundation Excavation” are required.
If you need to estimate amount of extracted soil for new crawlspace, than all you need is to fill these 6 fields as per plan. Then you will get excavated soil volume estimated in “detailed estimate > excavation” But this will only do the math for crawlspace pad. Footings are separate and estimated by adding values on next screen.
Don’t forget that app already estimating dirt volume expansion at 1.33 coefficient.